Major Oil Refineries of India with name and location.

A refinery is a production facility composed of a group of chemical engineering unit processes and unit operations refining certain materials or converting raw material into products of value.
Here, the major Oil refineries of India are named in the below :-

Coastal Oil Refineries of India
  1. Haldia (IOC), West Bengal – Primary based on imported crude oil. It also gets oil from Assam.
  2. Vishakhapattanam (HPCL), Andhra Pradesh –Based on Imported crude oil.
  3. Kochi (KRL, BPCL), Kerala –Based on imported crude oil.
  4. Mangalore, Karnataka – The refinery here was previously a joint venture later bacame a governemnt undertaking after ONCG bough most of the shares of Manglore Refinary and Petrochemicals. It is based on imported crude oil.
  5. Chennai (CPCL), Tamil Nadu –Based on crude oil.
  6. Trombay (HPCL and BPCL), Mumbai Maharashtra – Here crude oil is obtained from Bombay High and Ankaleshwar.
  7. Jamnagar (RPL), Gujarat –A private sector refinary run by the Reliance group. It is based on crude oil. It is the largest refinary in the country.
  8. Paradeep, Odisha – Here the refinary has been established with the cooperation of Kuwait.
  9. Ratnagiri, Maharashtra – Establishment of the refinery is in cooperation with Oman.
  10. Nagapatnam, Tamil Nadu (CPCL) – Based on imported crude oil
  11. Tatipaka (ONGC), Andhra Pradesh – Based on imported crude oil.
  12. Vadinar (ESSAR), Gujarat – A private sector unit based on imported crude oil.

Market-based Oil Refineries
  1. Barauni (IOC), Bihar – It has been established with the cooperation with Russia. Oil is brought from Naharkatiya Area, Assam. The dense population of Bihar provides it the market facility.
  2. Mathura (IOC), Uttar Pradesh – Here, Oil is imported from Iraq. Oil is brought here from Haldia through pipelines.
  3. Karnal (IOC), Haryana – 
  4. Bina, Madhya Pradesh – The refinery is owned and operated by Bharat Oman Refineries Limited & promoted by Bharat Petroleum Corporation Limited (BPCL).
  5. Bhatinda, Punjab – Guru Gobind Singh Refinery (GGSR) is a private sector and Fifth biggest refinery in India.

Raw Material Based Oil Refineries of India
  1. Digboi (IOC), Assam – Based on local crude oil.
  2. Bongaigaon (BRPL), Assam – Based on local crude oil.
  3. Noonmati Guwahati (IOC), Assam – Crude oil is brought from Naharkatya area
  4. Numaligarh (BPCL), Assam
  5. Koyali (IOC), Gujarat – Largest public sector company. Crude oil of Gujarat is refined here.
  6. Itarsi, Madhya Pradesh –  This refinery is Located in central India.
  7. Kandla, Gujarat –  It is Located in western India near Gulf of kutch. Here, the Port of Kandla Special Economic Zone (KASEZ) was the first special economic zone to be established in India and in Asia in the year of 1965.
  8. Margao, Goa Located in Margao or Madagav which is the second largest city by population, and the commercial and cultural capital of the Indian state of Goa

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