YouTube changes its policy for India.

In an official statement YouTube said that they are altering the way of giving the Strikes and their Penalties on YouTube channels. Infrex India has reviewed the New Policy and guidelines of YouTube, to be effective from February 25, 2019, and concluded that these policies are flexible to large Creators but may be difficult for small creators or beginners as any mistake will slow down the Channel growth however, YouTube claims that the new system is simpler one which makes clear policies and transparency about the impact of each strike.

More opportunities to learn YouTube’s policies
"The 98% of the creators never break our Community Guidelines, they are vital to making YouTube a strong community and balancing freedom of expression with the freedom to belong. That’s why—from our earliest days—we’ve relied on a three-strikes system and email notices to give everyone a chance to review and understand what went wrong before they face more severe consequences. And it works: 94% of those who do receive a first strike never get a second one" YouTube said.
YouTube further added that we want to give creators even more opportunities to learn about our policies, so starting February 25, all channels will receive a one-time warning the first time they post content that crosses the line, with no penalties to their channel except for the removal of that content. This is to make sure everyone takes the time to learn about our Community Guidelines, and then can quickly get back to creating great content and engaging with their audience in a way that complies with our rules.

Consistent strikes across all of YouTube
YouTube is also updating its policy to make the penalty for violating the Community Guidelines.
A data reveals that the most strikes result from videos, YouTube Community Guidelines cover all content on YouTube, including stories, custom thumbnails, or links to other websites included in a video’s description or infocard.

Previously, not all strikes had the same penalty on your channel. For example, first strikes on videos would trigger a 90-day freeze on live streaming, and second strikes would result in a two-week freeze on new video uploads.

But now all Community Guidelines strikes will have the same penalty:
As mentioned, everyone who uploads content to YouTube will now receive a warning the first time their content crosses the line. Although the content will be removed, there will be no other penalty on the channel. There will be only one warning and unlike strikes, the warning will not reset after 90 days.

  • The first strike will result in a one-week freeze on the ability to upload any new content to YouTube, including live streaming, and other channel activities. Strikes will expire after 90 days.
  • The second strike in any 90-day period will result in a two-week freeze on the ability to upload any new content to YouTube.
  • The third strike in any 90-day period will result in channel termination.

Transparency about your channel status
On YouTube approx 18 billion users visit per month and more that 400 hours of new videos are uploaded in every minute so it's not an easy task to have a proper manual control on each video, so the procedure to check whether the videos or uploaded contents are compliance with its program or policies or not the fully automated technique is used without any human intervention. Due to large number of contents, there can always be a possibility of occurring some kind of systematic errors, though YouTube always makes it clear that why a strike has occurred, what it means for your channel, and the next steps that are available—including appealing the decision in case you think it was a mistake.

YouTube is also making its email and desktop notifications clearer, these notifications will provide more details on which policy was violated. In addition YouTube is adding new mobile and in-product notifications to make sure the creators have all the important information about a strike available at a glance.