Lack of internal Democracy in Political Parties.

All over the world there is a tendency in Political Parties towards the "Concentration of Power" in one or few leaders at the top, this situation implies the Lack of internal Democracy in Political Parties.

When there is no internal democracy in political parties, the ordinary members of the party do not get sufficient information on what happens inside the party and even do not have the influence in decisions, as a result the leaders assume greater power to make decisions in the name of party.

Since, one or few leaders exercise paramount power in the party, those who disagree with the leadership find it difficult to continue in the party. More than loyalty to the party principles and policies personal loyalty to the leader becomes more important. 

Political parties and pressure group have the most crucial role to play in any democracy. There can be no meaningful democracy without a properly functioning party and pressure group process. When there is a lack of Internal Democracy within the parties, the leaders tend to be more aggressive and desperate to the power, it leads a poor governance. Ultimately the Government losses its meaning and importance by losing the transparency and accountability toward the People and State.

Its very essential, in the interests of the Nation, to have an Internal Democracy in the Political parties those are in power or acting as a pressure group. To retain the proper democracy within the party, a political party should maintain the membership registers, hold organizational meetings and conduct internal elections regularly.

What is the Term Democracy ?
The word Democracy is originated from a Greek word "Demokratia" which means "Rule by 'People'". In a democracy, power vests with the people and this power is exercised through its elected representatives who have mandate to govern them for a specific period.