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Infrex India is a digital learning initiative, with a vision of educating students and empowering the citizens within and beyond the territory of India.
We have designed this portal/website with the view of Top competitive exams preparation. Infrex India has provided a ground to many candidates to develop their thoughts, individuality and ethics for Civil Services Examination, and State level PSCs including Judiciary. We really work hard to ensure that the high end quality contents are delivered to millions of our People.

With the Support of our readers and Contributors, Infrex India has created a comfortable and unique ways of learning experience. This is the love of People that made us popular among The Students, Professionals and seekers in that short span of Time.
We are dedicated to deliver best of our abilities and provide a relevant contents to our readers. Infrex India is rated among the top quality websites for publishing editorials for UPSC and Provincial Civil Service Examinations by serious aspirants, we publish High quality editorials on regular basis.

"Candidates often find difficulties that how to Crack IAS Exam not due to lack of hard work or potential, but due to lack of right start up"

Our Dream
Infrex India was started with a dream of quality education approaching deprived students for whom the quality education is not accessible. This is painful reality that is virtually invisible in our country and across the world that many of deserving students are not in a situation to afford the expensive education and or hefty coaching fees, except them some students are not being able to move to metro cities (where often the Top coaching centers for Civil Services are located) due to family obligations, depriving them of their "Right to Education". Infrex India took an extremely serious note of this and to minimize that issue to the smallest possible amount/degree. Infrex India provides contents which are useful for creating the foundation.

I take great pleasure on introducing Infrex India and dedicating it to the future of India - the Students of today and tomorrow for their better and bright future. I hope this venture is utilized for transforming the culture of education as required, so that the goal of quality universal education becomes a reality for each student in the country.
- Founder, Infrex India - 

Mission of Infrex India
We plan to continue with our Mission to inspire students for studying hard and believing in themselves instead of relying on the use of unfair means. Infrex India is a venture to support all the students, this is the place where the aspirants can start preparation without fear and anxiety of any finance clearance. we also want to make students realize that nothing is impossible, hard work along with self-belief are only key to success.
This is deplorable that, even in advanced and Modern civilizations, Getting a Good education for unprivileged people, is still a major issue in our Society, in our survey we have found that in Villages People are not even willing to go ahead with their Higher studies. This is something like, they are apprehended about its hefty fees and, a fear of unemployability after spending a lot of money now this concept is really getting denser particularly in economically backward sections.

We think that Education level and Standard of life are the parameters of development. A real Development is said to be achieved when there is a desirable change in capabilities of the individual or Society where the Students, Aspirants and Candidates are free to pursue their dream without any financial barrier.

With the view to protect the interests of the deprived and deserving aspirants and to enable them to go ahead with their dreams we have started this small initiative. We provide a comprehensive self-study package for Civil Services Examination and Other Provincial State Services including Judiciary. Infrex India has become popular among the Seekers. It is a venture that helps aspirants who are in a need of a right guidance in their journey

Dear Readers,

"Hard work, dedication and perseverance will always give what you deserve".

Our Journey
Infrex India -The Journey: Started in Early-2019, Infrex India offers high quality editorials on our website. Apart from that, Facilities for the direct online purchase of essential UPSC books for each subject are also provided on website through our Partners at discounted rate. However Infrex India requests you to Please read carefully all the terms and conditions on the redirected website, before making any purchase (s).

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