Infra Coins

Effective: January 17, 2019 Infrex India

Infra points can be earned under "INFRA REWARDS PROGRAM" of Infrex India. It is the stimulus for the customers to make cashless transactions, This process is just one of the ways to encourage our esteemed customers for their continued support and loyalty.
We have always believed in adding value to give an enriched shopping experience to all. Infra Rewardz is the loyalty program initiated by Infrex India for its customers. The program allows its members to earn reward points in form of Infra Coins on all qualifying transactions made on its website (s). Currently 1 Infra Coin is equivalent to a half of Indian Rupee (which value remains fluctuating).

Membership into Infrex India Infra Coins Rewardz
Every Visitor who make transactions on Infrex India's website is automatically pre-enrolled as a member of the Infra Rewardz loyalty program. This entitles one to earn Infra Coins whenever any qualifying purchase (Read our terms and conditions for qualifying purchase) is made using one’s Debit/Credit Card/Net Banking/CNP and Wallets. However, to redeem these Reward coins, it is necessary to make claims at Infrex India's website under "Claim you Rewards" section. Infrex India's customers that share the same purchase details will accumulate points in a single Infra Rewardz membership account.
Each Infra Coin is valued at Rs. 0.50 INR (which value remains fluctuating).

Earning: Please refer to our Terms and Conditions. 

All Infrex India customers get upto 10000 Coins valued the capped at maximum 5% cost of your spent. - See applied: Terms and Conditions.
Users also get 50 bonus coins the first time they make at least 5 transactions in the same month. - See applied: Terms and Conditions.

Silver users (Other than regular visitors)
1. Get upto 5% + 100 coins + Extra Bonus 10 Infra Coins (Only applicabale on total monthly amount spent from Rs. 15000/- to Rs. 30000/-). (Note: Total Reward points may vary with with your product category) - See applied: Terms and Conditions.

2. Get upto 5% + 200 Coins on 30001 and above (Extra Bonus 30 Infra Coins only applicable on amount spent above Rs 30001/-). (Note: Total Reward points may vary with with your product category) - See applied: Terms and Conditions.

Prime Member
All Infrex India's Prime Members get upto 5% + 500 Infra Coins + applicable bonus Coins (Per above Rs. 50000 spent. (Note: Total Reward points may vary with with your product category) - See applied: Terms and Conditions.

How to redeem Infra Coins
Infra Coins can be redeemed by Claiming your Rewards under "Claim Your Rewards" section on the Infrex India's website.  A minimum of 100 Infra Coins need to be accumulated to make the first redemption.  The products and services segment will be updated regularly to refresh the redemption options. Infra Coins have to be redeemed within two years (24 months excluding the month of accrual) of earning them. Unredeemed Coins will expire at the end of two years. - See applied: Terms and Conditions.